Monday, June 6, 2016

A Couple Finest 2016 Inserts

There are four Finest insert sets and the Cubs have players in two of them.  I've been able to pick up both cards.

Anthony Rizzo has a card in the Franchise Finest set.  

The Finest Firsts set includes Kyle Schwarber.  Schwarber went 4-5 in his first MLB game, on June 17 against the Indians.

Typically Topps labels insert sets according to the initials of the set's title.  That means that Franchise Finest is labeled FF. Rizzo's card is FF-AR.  So far so good.

Now the dumb thing...  Finest Firsts is also labeled FF.  Schwarber's card in FF-KS.  But why would Topps use the same designation for both sets?  

Because Topps is Topps.

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