Thursday, June 16, 2016

PSA Billy #100

Last week I was able to add another item to my Billy Williams PSA Master collection and it makes the 100th item in the collection.  I'm now at 79%, 100 out of 127 items on the list that show him with the Cubs (I'm skipping the ones that show him with Oakland).

This is the 1965 Old London coin.  These look very much like the ones that Topps included as inserts the year before.  The Old London coins, though are much scarcer.  I very rarely see these show up on Ebay and when they do they are very expensive.  Right now there is just one listed.  Its a PSA 6 and has a BIN of $60.00.

Mine is in really nice condition, too, but I paid just $2.80 for it.  I got myself a real bargain.

Here's a look at all 100

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