Monday, June 13, 2016

All I've Got of Him: Fergie Jenkins

I have player collections for two of the '69 Cubs, Ernie Banks and Billy Williams.  From the remaining players on that team, I probably have the most cards of Fergie Jenkins.
A couple reasons:

  • Fergie had a return stint with the Cubs in the early '80s, so his total gets boosted by Donruss and Fleer.
  • Fergie is a Hall of Famer, and has been included in many of the modern sets.  Other than Santo, the rest of the '69 Cubs are rarely seen in modern sets.

My Fergie total is 102 cards.  The oldest is his first Topps Cubs card in 1967.  The most recent would be a couple from this year. Archives and the Wrigley Field insert set.

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