Saturday, June 18, 2016

All I've Got of Him: Don Kessinger

Here's another of the '69 Cubs.

Don Kessinger was the starting shortstop for eleven seasons.  He was a six-time All Star during that time, so he was pretty good.  That meant that he had cards in more than just the basic sets.  He was included in several inserts and many of the non-Topps issues during that time.  He even got included in a few sets after his playing days.

My total for Don Kessinger...37 cards


  1. Some of the later cards for Kess feature some really interesting action shots, something I don't recall seeing on a lot of cards. Most are the standard pose or dugout shot. He's full-blown selling out on ground balls and working the glove in some of those shots, which I would assume to be unique given Topps and others have recycled so many old photos over the years.

  2. I just got the Action Packed card the other day. Sweet!