Thursday, June 30, 2016

Topps 2016 Series Two Cubs

Brentandbecca has again delivered, flawlessly.

The second series base from Topps 2016 adds eleven more cards to the Cubs collection.

Some of these we've already seen in the factory team set:



The Lackey and Zobrist cards were photoshop jobs.  I understand why it was done for the factory set, but Topps had time to use real pictures in series two.  Seems lazy that they didn't.

Jason Heyward got a real picture this time.  His card in the factory set used a picture from his signing press conference.  If there was time to switch Heyward's picture, why not do the same for Lackey and Zobrist?

The team card is in series two...

The picture is from when the Cubs won the NLDS over the Cardinals on October 13.

Grandpa Ross was included in series two.  Since he is retiring after the season, this is his last Topps card.

Bryzzo got a checklist card.

And, no 2016 Topps set is complete without a card for...

...Carl Edwards!

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