Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Louisville Slugger

Mrs. WW and I took a mini vacation last weekend.  One of our destinations was Louisville and if you're going to Louisville, you've got to stop at the Louisville Slugger factory.

We did!

We started in the lobby.  The walls are filled with all the personalized bats that they've made for big leaguers over the years.

Here's a  couple that were of interest to me:

The hallway leading to the museum had banners of all the big league teams...

They have a nice museum with all sorts of memorabilia to look at and baseball history to learn.  We spent time browsing before and after the factory tour.

Cameras aren't allowed in the factory, so I've got no pics to show.  They have a demonstration of the old way of making bats, by hand on a lathe.  Then we got to see the modern computerized machines that shape a bat in 30 seconds.

We also saw them making major league bats.  Joey Votto's order was being done while we walked by.  

After the tour, everyone is given a mini bat, a nice souvenir from a nice morning in Louisville.


  1. The Louisville Slugger factory is one of my favorite museums stops out there. Did you take any swings in the batting cage?

    1. I looked at the cages, but didn't feel like embarrassing myself,

  2. This factory is definitely on my bucket list.