Friday, October 12, 2018

Varied Colors - 1957

The big change for Topps in 1957 was the little cards.  The size a card was reduced to the now familiar 2½" x 3½".

The design, though, was about as basic as you can get.  It is just a picture, and the player's name, position, and team.

Topps did mix up the font colors, however.  For the Cubs, the most popular combination was yellow first name, white last name, yellow team name, white position.  The next most-used was with the white and yellow reversed. They had just a couple that used red or blue in the mix.  All together there are six different color combinations for the Cubs.

My favorite shows up on just one card.

I guess I'm pretty partial to using blue and red on Cubs cards!

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  1. The Poholsky (top) is VERY unusual--one color for the name and another for the team and position, instead of the first name matching the position and last name with the team name. Are there any other 1957 Topps like that?

    Sadly Topps did not recreate this anomaly for #235 in 2006 Heritage.