Friday, June 5, 2020

Bowman 2020 Base Set Cubs

No MSA stuff today!

Instead I've got stuff that is about as current as we have, the 2020 Bowman Cubs.  The set came out last week, about a month past the scheduled release date.  It seems very odd to have Bowman in hand before a pitch has been thrown this season.

The base Bowman set has a checklist of 100 players.  The good news is that five of the 100 are Cubs.


The bad news is that Topps has once again subjected us to a card for Robel Garcia.  Enough of him already!

I know that Bowman is the set for prospects, and I'll have the prospect cards tomorrow.  But why does Topps have to put so many rookies in the base set?  Alzolay, Garcia, and Hoerner have a combined total of 47 games played in the big leagues.  Instead of them, how about a card for Rizzo, Lester, or Schwarber.  They've played in 2,111 games.

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  1. I think there's something written in the contract between Topps and MLB which states a card set has to have a certain percentage of major leaguers in it to use MLB logos. I believe Topps wants Bowman to be their prospect/rookie set, thus they'll throw the likes of Robel Garcia on the checklist over Anthony Rizzo every single time.
    I'm not sure if what I've written is 100% factual, but it's what I've gathered from around the internet the last few years.