Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Bowl of Kellloggs Super Cool, Awesome 3-D

A couple weeks ago I showed off some of my Super Cool, Awesome 3-D cards from Kelloggs.

Here is a second helping....

1971 Don Kessinger - It looks like Don is telling the photographer, "Back away from me!"

1972 Fergie Jenkins - after winning 20 games or more for five consecutive seasons, Fergie is finally deemed card-worthy by Kelloggs

1973 Billy Williams - 1973 is the only year in the Kelloggs run that the cards are not 3-D. They were printed on plain card stock.

1974 Ron Santo - 3D has returned. This looks like any other Cubs card, but if you look on the back in the upper right hand corner you see that Ron is now on the White Sox. Apparently Kelloggs wasn't into the airbrush thing (and good for them!).

Ron is a diabetic and it looks like his blood-sugar is a little low. Wake up Ronny, have a candy bar.

1975 Jose Cardenal, with his 3-D Afro.

1981 Bruce Sutter - Another Cubs front, other team back. Sutter had been traded to the Cardinals over the winter.

1982 Bill Buckner - Billy Buck - one of my all-time favorite Cubs. I'll have an entire post on Buckner sometime in the next week.

1983 Leon Durham - This was Kelloggs last year, and notice how the cards have shrunk. In 1984 they disappeared completely.

Kelloggs made a one-year comeback in 1991. But they issued cards of baseball greats from the past instead of current players. Two Cubs were featured, Ernie Banks and Billy Williams.


  1. I've always wanted to hold a '73 Kellogg's card in my hand. I've never seen one in person.

  2. With the talent on those Cubs teams, how did they not win anything.

    Jose Cardenal...he was a fan favorite. I love the choking up on the bat.