Thursday, January 29, 2009

E-6 For A Case of Old Style

Yesterday the Cubs made another trade. Infielder Ronny Cedeno and recently acquired lefty Garrett Olson were traded to the Seattle Mariners in exchange for relief pitcher Aaron Heilman.

This is the type of trade that makes me go "whatever."

Cedeno never panned out as much of a shortstop. He made plenty of dumb plays in the field and on the bases. His glove was erratic. He known among some Cubs fans as "E6" because that often followed his name in the box score.

Garrett Olson was a Cub for all of ten days. Garrett, we hardly knew ya.

Aaron Heilman has an umimpressive 22-33 record over the last six year with the Mets. But who cares about his record, let's drink his beer!

When any Chicago male over the age of 30 hears "Heilman" this is what they think of:

Heileman's Old Style has been a Cubs sponsor for years. "Pure brewed, double brewed, Krausened the old fashioned way -- Old Style." And then the soft line at the end, "G Heileman Brewing Company, LaCrosse, Wisconsin."

Old Style - mother's milk to many a young man in Chicago.

The trade, who cares? I'm thirsty, let's drink!!


  1. "Its five o'clock somewhere" or in true Chicago Cub spirit we start at 12:05.

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