Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm Slowly Catching Up With the Rest of the World

As I start acquiring more recent cards, I feel like I am finally catching up with the rest of you. I've recently added all the Cubs team sets from Allen and Ginter, Score, Pinnacle, and Upper Deck. Add to that my sets from Topps, Fleer, Donruss, and Topps Heritage, and now I have completed the Cubs from 8 different brands.

Next up, Bowman, Topps Stadium Club, Pacific, and Ultra.

That would make an even dozen when finished. It sounds very strange to someone who grew up with one brand, to think that there would be twelve different types out there. I think I will work on a few more after that, trying to limit it to brands that issued sets of at least 250 cards.

I've also added my first game used jersey cards to my collection. I'm still not sure exactly what to make of these. I like the concept; it seems cool to have an actual uniform part from an actual player. But I'm not sure I need a bunch of these.

I showed the cards to my nine year old son, and he wasn't too impressed. "Its a pretty tiny piece, what did they do with the rest of the uniform?" was what he came up with.

Well, here's what I got:

2007 Allen and Ginter Aramis Ramirez - from a white home jersey.

2008 Carlos Zambrano - from a blue alternate jersey, which is appropriate since that is the jersey Big Z likes to wear, at home or on the road. The jersey has to be from 2006 or earlier because in 2007 they did not wear the blue alternates (something I agreed with 100% - ditch the blues, they look like a 16" softball team in them). The blue jersey returned (sadly) in 2008

2008 Topps Heritage Derrek Lee: This would be my favorite because it is a home white with a pinstripe. Classic Chicago Cubs!


  1. Hey - I've got a 08 Ud Timelines Jim Edmonds Bat,
    08 Masterpieces Ramirez Jersey (all blue) and 08 Masterpieces Ud LeeJersey w/ blue stripe up for trade for mets stuff or want list stuff if you are interested! let me know!


  2. I will never catch up so I am not even attempting to decipher the cards of today - appreciate them yes, collect them . . . not for me . . . yet. I am slower (and older)than you and still "stuck" in cards of yesterday. Good luck and keep on having fun . . . I really enjoy your take on things.

  3. Nice GU pickups. Good luck with that aspect of the modern hobby.

  4. Very nice collection--I am also a Cubs set collector, and I'm even more behind than you. My philosophy has been to focus on Topps-owned sets, thus I've collected Topps, Topps Heritage, Allen & Ginter, and Turkey Red. I'm also considering the UD Goudy set--it has a good look.