Friday, July 10, 2009

Goudey Goodies 2007

Today I've got the 2007 Goudey Cubs to show you. The cards are based on the 1934 Goudey set. They are also the same size as the original, 2 3/8" x 2 7/8". They fit very nicely in the palm of my hand.

There were eight Cubs in the set, of which seven were current players. The one blast from the past is this card, of Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins. The card was also a short print.

In alphabetical order, the seven modern players are:

Michael Barrett: A jerk of a teammate, the Cubs took off towards the top in 2007 after he was dumped on the Padres. However, I will always have a little love for Barrett for slugging White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski in 2006.

Jacque Jones: Poor Jacque was signed after his prime, stunk the joint up, and the bleacher fans let him have it. It was not a good situation. He is currently playing for the Newark Bears in the independant Atlantic League.

Derrek Lee: He always looks very classy and professional on any posed card and this one is no exception.

Aramis Ramirez: He put up his usual strong number in 2007, hitting .310 with 26 HR and 101 RBI.

Alfonso Soriano: He came to the Cubs in 2007 with a huge contract and huge expectations. I would have to say he has not (nor never will) live up to the expectations.

Kerry Wood: 2007 was a rehab and comeback season for Kerry Wood. He didn't pitch for the Cubs until August and all of his appearances were from the bullpen. His 2007 success led to a successfull 2008 season as the Cubs closer.

Carlos Zambrano: Not a flattering pose here, he's trying to look all stud-like. I'm still waiting for him to have that dominating, stud-like season.


  1. Man I love those cards. Probably my second favorite set of all time.

  2. That Fergie card is on my 'Need it desperately' list. One day...

  3. I will never... EVER, get the hate for Jacque Jones. He hit .285 both years with the Cubs with 27 HRs and 81 RBI his first year there. I know he started REALLY off slow that, but WTFH?!?!

  4. I saw a fair bit of JJ while he was playing for the Twins and thought he would be a good pick-up. I guess he will go down as one of those players who never made a successful transition from one league to the other.