Monday, August 24, 2015

I Got What I Said I Wouldn't

So Matt sends me a Cubs 2014 scorecard.  I now have two.  I get the idea of buying all ten from the season.  I discover that there were 25 cards, not 10. In deference to my wallet I decide to pass.

I was wrong, twice.

First, it turns out that there were not 25 scorecards, there were 26.

Second, I bought all of them.

I was going to pass because 25 (or 26) scorecards times $8-10 each was more than I wanted to spend.

And then... a seller has all 26 of the cards in one lot.  Hmmm.  And his BIN/BO price was fairly reasonable.  Hmmmmm.  I made a BO of a tad more than $3 per card...and it was accepted.

So here you go, the entire collection of 2014 Cubs scorecards.

I'm going to keep these in their own separate binder.

This is the cover I made.

I got what I said I wouldn't, and I'm glad I did.


  1. Nice!

    (But my condolences to your wallet...).

    Speaking of, there may or may not be multiple leads for your wallet to chase on their way to you later this week.