Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Three More Unlicensed Billy Williams Cards...

...because Topps is ignoring him.

I've added a few more Billy Williams cards, all from Panini.

A couple are parallels to cards I already have:

This is the silver version of the Cooperstown Crown Royale die cut.  It is /75.  I already have the green /5 version.

This is the cracked ice version of the card that was given out at the National.  These are /25.

Finally this is a blue version of the 2015 Cooperstown autograph card.  The blues are /25.

Collectors still don't seem to be too interested in Panini products because I was able to pick up all three for less than fifteen bucks.

Three low number cards of a Hall of Famer, including an autographed card for five bucks each.  I'll take 'em.

1 comment:

  1. Nice auto pickup. I'm in the same boat regarding Rollie Fingers. Topps has been totally ignoring him so I have to get my new card fix from Panini.