Friday, August 7, 2015

My Other New 2015 Darwin Barney Card

My third 2015 Darwin Barney card doesn't show him as a Cub.  It doesn't even show his as a Los Angeles Dodger.

There he is in all his OKC splendor.  This is from the team set issued by the Oklahoma City Dodgers.

When Barney was traded last year, I had decided I wouldn't add any cards that show him with another team.  Sad circumstances have brought me a change of heart.  My original fear was that I would have to chance all sorts of cards and rainbows of him with the Dodgers.  That hasn't come to pass.  

This is the only card of Darwin that has been issued this year.  That's not a very tough rainbow to chase.  I'm also afraid it may be the final card ever issued.  The Dodgers DFA'ed him and no other team was interested.  He's not on their 40 man roster.  Since LA was on the hook for his $2.5 million salary, they decided to keep him in AAA, probably as insurance.

When the season is over, Barney will be a free agent.   I can't see him getting a couple million dollars from another team. It's possible that someone will sign him as a non-roster spring training invitee.  

Or, this could be the end of the line.

If that's the case, one non-Cub card in my collection won't be the end of the world.


  1. At last, a Darwin Barney card that I care about.

  2. That's a surprisingly nice-looking card, you could do a lot worse with a minor league team set.

    I wouldn't get too discouraged about Barney's future. He's had enough potential that *someone* will give him a chance, even if it's an independent minor league team... In my opinion, the worst case scenario is that you'll be tracking down a Lancaster Barnstormers team set next year. The next-worst-case scenario is that he ends up in Japan and you have to track down BBM and Calbee cards (although at least that way there's more than one to chase after).

  3. Aside from not being Cubbie blue, I like that card. Kind of makes him look like a pitcher. Maybe he can reinvent himself and wouldn't have to bat as much...