Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Two New 2015 Billy Cards

Two more Billy Williams cards have been added to the player collection.  Both come from unlicensed Panini.  In fact, right now, of the seven 2015 cards I've got, four are from Panini.

I wish Topps would include him in a few more releases.  Right now he's just been in Archives.  That accounted for two cards (base and gold). The only other 2015 Topps card is a 1972 buyback, which really doesn't count.

Up first is this card, which was given away at the National Convention.

As usual, I feel obligated to put back what Panini removed.

This one is from the Cooperstown insert Crown Royale. The die-cut is available in different colors,  My green is /5.  For a low-numbered card, the green didn't cost me much green at all, barely five bucks.  The low price is a good indication of what collectors think (or don't think) of Panini.

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