Monday, August 10, 2015

The Other Goodie From Matt

Reader Matt sent me a couple cards I needed, but that's not all!

He was nice enough to send me...

...a Gameday program...

...and a scorecard!

Last year the Cubs celebrated Wrigley Field's 100th birthday. Each homestand represented a decade in the life of the ballpark. The scorecard covers changed with each homestand.

This is the card I have in my collection.  The Cubs were celebrating the '10s for this one.  The card from Matt with Mr. Cub would be the Fifties.

I assumed that with ten homestands there would be ten covers.  After getting Matt's I started thinking seriously about getting all ten.  After all, the ballpark only turns 100 once.

Then I started doing a little research.  My serious thought became serious doubt.

It turns out that there were scorecard covers, not for each homestand, but for each series.  Instead of ten there are 25.  That's way too many for me.

This would be the only other I'd have an interest in, with Billy Williams featured.

For the rest, I'll settle for a virtual collection.


  1. I thought there were 10 too. Oh well. Maybe I'll pick them up as I see them, but not something I'll necessarily seek out.

    On this most recent trip I asked at guest services if they keep old ones, even for this year but they said they dispose of extras once the series is over. Seems like a waste.

  2. Aw c'mon, only 15 more than you originally thought. Like you said, 100 only happens once. Gotta get 'em all!