Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cards That Accurately Portrait the Player: Shawon Dunston

This is the team-issued card for the Cubs shortstop from 1986.  Dunston's rocket arm is what stands out most in my memory of him.   The card shows him winding up and getting ready to tear off the glove of first baseman Leon Durham.  


  1. Good shot, almost pitcher-esque. I think I have this shrinkwrapped set and never opened it up. He's got a bunch of great, flying high, double play cards too.

  2. If my memory serves, there's a card of Dunston from the Cardtoons brand in the early 1990s that features him with a cannon (or something similar) for a right arm. Great piece of kooky cardboard! I'm sure you have it, but if not, you should look into it.