Friday, October 20, 2017

On Fire!

I'm writing this before the start of game 5.  When you read it I hope the title relates to the way the Cubs played.  The post, though, is on the 2017 Topps Fire Cubs set. (Early morning edit.... Up In Flames would be the proper title, not On Fire)

Fire has a 200-card checklist, consisting of both current and retired players.  If the set were divided evenly between the 30 teams, there would be six or seven Cubs cards.  But it isn't even and some  teams must have really gotten the short end of the deal because there are 17 Cubs cards!

There are actually three different designs.




This is the design that is most reminiscent of fire.  A nice touch, notice how the Cubs logo on Ernie Banks' card is a 1960s logo.




The blue and white with this design remind me of ice and winter.  That's not a feeling you should get in a set called Fire.  Also, thank you Topps for another card of Rob Zastryzny.


I'm feeling wintery with the third design, too.  It is good to see Greg Maddux as a Cub.


  1. For all of the things collectors point out that Topps fails at, their touch on the old Cubs logo is very slick. I like the Maddux inclusion, but feel bad for the collectors of clubs of "lesser" teams that only get three or four cards for the Cubs collectors who get more Rob Z. and Cubs legends.

  2. Pretty cool cards. Guess they should be called Fire and Ice, huh. So, it ended with a whimper. At least we can look at our World Series Champs Cubs cards for consolation.