Thursday, October 5, 2017

Cubs Scrabble²

Back at the Scrabble thing again today.

In my post on Tuesday I was just looking at the first letter of a player's last name.  I was lazy.  

I felt ashamed.

I got busy...but with some help.

This website has a Scrabble calculator.  You just type in a word and it gives you the point value.  Then I went to the 2017 Cubs page at Baseballreference.  I sorted the batting table by name and I ended with a list of the 47 Cubs in alphabetical order.  From there it was just a matter of typing each of the players name in the Scrabble calculator.  The process took about ten minutes. 

Player Points
Almora 8
Anderson 9
Arrieta 7
Avila 8
Baez 15
Bryant 11
Butler 8
Candelario 13
Caratini 10
Contreras 11
Davis 9
Davis 9
Duensing 10
Edwards 12
Floro 8
Frankoff 21
Freeman 12
Grimm 10
Happ 11
Hendricks 19
Heyward 17
Jay 13
Johnson 17
LaStella 8
Lackey 15
Leathersich 19
Lester 6
Maples 10
Martin 8
Montero 9
Montgomery    18
Pena 6
Quintana 17
Rivera 9
Rizzo 23
Rondon 7
Rosscup 11
Russell 7
Schwarber 19
Strop 7
Szczur 26
Tseng 6
Uehara 9
Wilson 9
Zagunis 17
Zastryzny 33
Zobrist 18

With nine letters in his name, including two Zs and two Y's, Rob Zastryzny was the big winner.  Matt Szczur and his two Zs ended up with 26 points and Anthony Rizzo's Double Z helped him net 26 points. 

As a team the Cubs totaled 585 points.  I have no idea where that would rank among all the teams.  Towards the top I'd assume.

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  1. I'm going to take a look at the Jays... Because they're in the AL, I'm going to limit it to players who had an at bat.. Guys like Brett Anderson would be DQ'd this way.
    This way it also cuts down the 60 players the team used..