Saturday, June 1, 2019

1988 Red Foley Cubs

The 1988 version of the Red Foley sticker book came with the same number of stickers as in 1987, 130 stickers.  The design was the same, although I use the word "design" very lightly.  There really wasn't a design.  The stickers feature just a picture of the player and a number.  The number is the only way to tell which year the sticker was issued.  You have to match the number to the checklist.

Team stickers were a new addition to the 1988 set. The Cubs sticker doesn't use any Cubs logo, but is a Foley original.  The set is licensed by MLB, so I wonder why they didn't use the Cubs actual logo?

In addition to the logo, just four players were on the checklist. 

Most would recognize three of the four, Dawson, Moreland, and Sutlicffe.  But who was the fourth?  Ryno was not included.  Jody Davis, Leon Durham, and an up and coming rookie named Rafael Palmerio were left out too.

Who was it that took their place?

I'll post his name in tomorrow's post.  Leave your guess in the comments, but no Googling to find the answer!

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