Monday, June 24, 2019

On The Road

I'm going to be taking off the next week or so.  It's vacation time.

Mrs. WW and I are again doing a bike trip.  Last year we were biking along Lake Michigan.  This year we are taking a trip along the Erie Canal.

The old tow path is now a hiking and biking trail.  We're looking forward to a leisurely and scenic trip.

We will be starting in Lockport and ending up in Newark, NY.  The trip will cover about 100 miles but we're breaking it up over five days.

One of the towns will be staying in is Brockport.  It also happens to be the birthplace of

pitcher Jim Cosman.  The guy didn't have much of a career but he's got a last name nearly identical to mine, Kosman.

Perhaps there will be a marker somewhere in Brockport that commemorates the birthplace of this Cubs hurler.

Probably not.

But we are looking forward to a nice trip and some time away from home, work, and the blog.  

Play nice while I'm gone.


  1. That area of NY is really nice. Enjoy!

  2. Know the area well. Have a good time.

  3. Have fun. Stay safe. And enjoy your bike ride and break.

  4. I'm on vacation this week, too! Hiking and paddle-boarding for me though. Have a great time!