Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Each day on ebay, there are approximately 30,000 cards that show up when I search with the term "Cubs" and then narrow it down to the cards category. Once or twice a day, I'll do the search and browse through the newly listed cards. These days, I'm just looking for something unusual or something I haven't seen before.

Thirty thousand cards is a lot of cards. I suppose that one time or another I've seen them all, looking at them as they have been listed, not all at one sitting. It's getting easier to scan through the listings since I've got more and more of the cards. But I still find cards new to me, like yesterday's Swell cards.

The most expensive card is this 1955 Bowman of Ernie Banks. Its a PSA 9 and its a BIN for $19,995. But you do get free shipping! The same seller has the second most expensive card, too. For only $3,995 (and free shipping) you can buy a PSA 10 of Ernie Banks' Topps 1968 card. I have a feeling those cards are going to sit there for a while.

There are a ton of cards that don't show up in my search because not every Cubs card has "Cubs" in the title. When I'm looking for a specific card, I'll use a narrower search. But it's fun to scan for Cubs a couple times a day and see what comes up.

Do any of you other team collectors do the same thing?


  1. I used to do this, but it led to too much spending. Now, I try to only go to eBay if I'm looking for something in particular.