Thursday, December 23, 2010

Scott Servais: Peace on Earth, But Where is the Goodwill Towards Men?

These are both from Stadium Club.

In 1996, Scott Servais is showing some peace on Earth. We've got a Cub and a Cardinal next to each other, looking up towards the heavens. They look all nice and friendly. I thought the Cubs and Cardinals were bitter supposed to be bitter rivals?

So what are they looking at? Was there a star in the bright sky looking down where they play?

My guess is that it was the weekend of the Chicago Air and Water Show and some low flying jets were zooming overhead.

One year later, in the 1997 Stadium Club card, Servais is no longer peaceful. He's not looking for any goodwill towards man. No, he is looking to save himself and maybe inflict a little pain on a Mets runner. And the Met doesn't look too friendly either. One forearm is up and his hand is around Servais' neck. What a nice guy!

Do any of you Met fans know who that is?

UPDATE: Thanks to Steven, we know that the Met player is catcher Brent Mayne. With that, I went to Baseball Reference and found the game. This play was in the fifth inning of the game on August 7, 1996. Mayne reached first on an error by Ryne Sandberg and went to third on a hit by Edgardo Alfonzo. Rey Ordonez flied out to Luis Gonzalez in left and Mayne tried to tag and score. Gonzalez threw to SS Jose Hernandez and his relay to Servais nailed Mayne at the plate for a double play.


  1. Looks like it's his fellow catcher Brent Mayne from his one glorious season as a Met

  2. Ah, I know what that first picture was. The Rapture came and went and those were some of the Horsemen appearing over Wrigley.

    Oh, wait, that was that Mimi Rogers movie...

  3. Awesome find! Who would've thought in 1996 that all this info from a meaningless August game would be a few clicks away on the Internet?