Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Billy Buck

On Sunday I showed my new Bill Buckner jersey card. That inspired me to look back at all of my Bill Buckner cards. When I returned from my nice little trip down memory lane, I decided to post a few of my favorites.

This is his first Topps card in a Cubs uniform, from 1978 and it's probably my favorite.. The home pinstripes, the blue sky in the background, the blue "Cubs" on the card, and a smiling Billy Buck; this card is a thing of beauty.

This 1982 team issued card captures the way Buckner played the game. Look at how dirty his pants and socks are!

Here is Buckner as the Cubs Diamond King in 1983

and the photo that Dick Perez used as the basis for the Diamond King portrait.

This is from Fleer's first set, 1981. For someone who played so intensely, Buckner always seemed to be pretty happy in front of a camera.

Now take a careful look at these next five cards and see if you can see something they all have in common

So what do they have in common? Neck hair!

Bill Buckner is also one hairy dude!

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