Friday, December 31, 2010

Fav Five From 2010

The 2010 Cubs finished in fifth place. To commemorate this "accomplishment," I will present my five favorite Cubs cards released in 2010. By my count, I added about 300 new cards to the collection.

#5 T206 Carlos Zambrano This is the SP version of the card, with Carlos wearing a hat. What I really like about the card is the fact that Zambrano looks happy. The guy is a head case, but when he is happy, he can be a very good pitcher. He showed that the last two months of the season. I hope he stays happy through the entire 2011 season.

#4 Turkey Red Ryne Sandberg This card gives us Ryno in his batting stance. If you showed me the card with the face covered up, I could pick out that it is Sandberg right away.

Unfortunately, things didn't work out for Ryno with the Cubs organization the way he had hoped. Good luck with the Phillies.

#3 Allen and Ginter Derrek Lee This card nicely captures the smile of Derrek Lee. He was my favorite player for the past seven seasons and it was tough to see him go.

#2 Topps Ernie Banks This is a SP variation from the second series. I love that it shows Ernie Banks in action at shortstop. He was an aging first baseman when I first started following the Cubs; I didn't know his as a shortstop. But he was a very, very good shortstop; the A-Rod without steroids of his day. If Topps is going to continue to put out Ernie Banks cards every year, I hope they have more like this.

#1 Topps Update Starlin Castro Debut This card, of Castro's MLB debut on May 7, has a picture from that game! In fact, this is his first at bat, his home run swing. What a novel concept to include a picture of the event the card commemorates. Castro had a nice rookie season and I hope he can avoid the sophomore jinx.

So that wraps up my fav five from 2010. Hopefully, within the next 30 days I'll have my first 2011 cards in hand and I can start the whole process over again.

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