Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oddball Set: 1991 Line Drive

Today's featured cards are from a set called "Line Drive" which was issued in 1991 and issued by Impel. Impel also issued minor league cards and Olympic cards around the same time, but their products never caught on and it looks like they didn't stay in the sports card business too long.

This particular set was made up of 50 old timers. Three of the cards are Cubs, and the three are some of my favorite Cubs.

Up first is Billy Williams, in a fairly standard baseball card pose.

This card of Ernie Banks has an action shot from 1969, which I can figure out because there is a glimpse of the baseball centennial patch on his right shoulder.

The final card is a home shot of Ron Santo. I was trying to figure the year, but didn't have a look at his right shoulder to see if there was a centennial patch.

Then I looked to the left of Santo's leg and looked at the fan in the front row.

And then I looked at the Ernie Banks card. Low and behold, the same fan is in the same spot! So I can assume that these were taken on the same date in 1969.

I love playing detective!

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  1. FYI, Impel Marketing was the original name of Skybox, later bought out by Fleer after Fleer had be acquired by Marvel Comics.