Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another relic from the '70s

My timing was off by just a few days since his birthday was on December 13, but here is my latest relic from the '70s and this one is great!

Its from Topps Gold Label, 2002

We've got some powder blue, pinstriped uniform, and it belongs to Billy Buck!

Bill Buckner was my favorite Cub during the late '70s and early 80's. I loved the way he went out and played at 120% even when he was physically at only 75%. He wasn't going to let a bum ankle keep him out of the lineup!

Bill Buckner was #22 during his time with the Cubs. Twenty years later, another player wore #22 for the Cubs and he was the anti-Buckner. Buckner played no matter what....

....this guy was always breaking down and

spent more time throwing towels in the bullpen than balls in a game.

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  1. The Topps Gold Label set has a lot of cool relics. The awards theme really works for me.