Monday, March 21, 2011

Factory Fresh: Factory Team Set 2011

I'm surprised that I beat JayBee to the punch with this. He is usually all over the factory team sets. I saw a 2011 Cubs set pop up on eBay last week, priced at the retail price of $3.99. I jumped on it right away since there aren't any stores here in SW Michigan that will have the Cubs set. The seller quickly got it out in the mail and I've got it scanned and ready to show.

Like last year, there are 17 cards in the set, 16 players and a Wrigley Field card.

First up is the Wrigley Field card. The picture was taken during the very forgettable 2008 NLDS

Up next are the cards that are completely new to the factory team set; they are not in either series one or Opening Day.

Blake DeWitt

A photoshopped Matt Garza. The pinstripes on his pants look really bad and I have no idea why there is dark blue piping on the front of the jersey. And since the ballpark looks nothing like Wrigley Field, why not put him in gray road pants?

Carlos Pena, who they did put in gray road pants

Kerry Wood. On first glance it looks like he is at Wrigley Field. But I think this is another photoshop job. The "vines" in the background look more like bushes than vines. But a bigger tipoff is that there is no name on the back of his jersey. I wonder why they didn't use a picture from 2008. It's not like Topps hasn't used old pictures before?

This card is slightly different than the base card. Topps put the rookie cup on Castros card. So why was it missing from the series one card?

These seven were in Series One

And these four were included in Opening Day.


  1. I believe the rookie cup cards are different than the regular base cards. I've gotten two different ones of the Fla 1B, one with the cup, one without, different numbers.