Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Topps History

I'm an elementary school teacher and social studies is one of my favorite subjects to teach; I love history. So when I saw that there was going to be an insert set on the history of Topps, I knew I would have to have it. It cost me just a few bucks, and I've got the set.

The history isn't very detailed (you can't fit that much on the back of ten cards) and it's not as hard hitting as Mint Condition or Card Sharks. But you can still learn a few things about Topps.

I've seen some of these on different blogs, but I haven't seen anyone put up the complete set. So I will.

The cards are in order, #1-10, front, then back. Read your assignment carefully. If you finish early you may have some quiet free time at your seat until recess. If you have any questions, raise your hand and I'll come around to help you. Any questions? Good, then you may begin reading.

Class dismissed; but be ready for a quiz tomorrow!


  1. Interesting and coincidentally, I did a post on Topps today, too. I had a picture of their plant from a family trip as a kid.

  2. Thanks for posting the set in it's entirity, an interesting read

  3. It seems Topps had to strech there to get 10 "historical" things to print on cards. Really one of the most significant moments in Topps history was the reintroduction of Bowman? No actually it was when Topps bought Bowman to create a 24 year trading card monopoly!! And Topps sets the baseball cards size?? Really. I suppose but then Topps has put out none standard size sets all the time. I like the idea and I understand the insert being Topps 60th and all but it seems that this insert seems forced. Guys sitting around the confernce table.

    "Lets put out a set of history cards about Topps for our anniversary."
    "Good idea should we make it as big as the other insert sets?"
    "You bet there are all sorts of cool tidbits we could put out on a card!"
    3 weeks later
    "Ummm, boss. We had to scale back a bit. Turns out there's just not that much there."
    "How much is a bit?"
    "8 cards total."
    "What? Better find at least 2 more things to round it up to 10 people like things in 10's!!"

    Actually 9 would have been better so they would all fit on one 9 pocket sheet.

    Sorry about the rant keep up the good work.

  4. Nice rant. Your forgot the part where Eisner said, "I don't care how many cards are in the set, or what the cards say, as long as you put my picture on one of them. That'll show those kids who picked on me at school; I'm on a baseball card now!"

  5. Well, looks like I need to find HOT-7 from this set. Thanks for the post.

  6. It looks like Topps forgot that THEY put out traded cards in the 1972 set!