Monday, March 7, 2011

Hostess, Just Like Topps

When I was a kid, Topps was pretty much the only game in town. There were other cards, but to me they weren't "real" baseball cards. Only Topps was the real deal (that may be why the whole Topps monopoly doesn't really bother me). So I didn't pay too much attention to the 3D cards that Kelloggs put out. And the Hostess cards, well, they were on the bottom of a box of Ho Hos. Again, not real cards. So I didn't bother with them either.

Not to long ago as I was browsing through Ebay, I saw this card.... of my favorite Cubs, Bill Buckner, from Hostess' 1977 set. I never saw the card before. And in looking at it, I realized that I have misjudged Hostess. Their cards were the real deal, too.


Because Hostess was just as bad at doctoring up hats as Topps was. Buckner came to the Cubs from the Dodgers before the 1977 season, so Hostess had to take a picture of Buckner as a Dodger and change it into a Cubs hat.

Their "artist" would have made Topps proud.


  1. From what I've been able to gather from the Topps Archive sales, Hostess used Topps photos and airbrushing. I have a great picture of Rollie Fingers from the Hostess card airbrushed into a Padres hat and top of uniform shirt, but the rest is A's...

  2. Hey, don't knock Ho Ho's. Snack cakes and free baseball cards. Who could ask for anything more? What do you want with your cards anyways, diamonds? Oh, right.

  3. I used to love getting these cards. Of course, I'd screw up the actual cutting out of the card. I had a Dave Winfield, sans leg. I was glad when Hostess started putting the cards inside with the tasty treats.