Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Topps Left Mike Quade Out Of Heritage

I did a quick count of managers in the 2011 Heritage set and came up with 15. Among the missing was Cubs manager Mike Quade. So why did Topps leave him out?

I believe it is because Topps is such a stickler for details and accuracy. They would never do anything incorrectly, right?

You see, in the original 1962 set, there was no card for the Cubs manager. The Cubs were in year two of the College of Coaches, so they had no permanent manager. Hence, Topps did not issue a manager card for the Cubs.

Being the sticklers that they are for accuracy, Topps could not in good conscience put out a Heritage card for the current skipper Mike Quade.

But I felt bad for Mike, being a victim to Topps' obsessive devotion to doing things right.... here is his card.

And in my devotion to accuracy, trying to be just like Topps, I reused a photo from an earlier card.

Now that we have all of this Topps accuracy stuff out of the way, can someone tell me why there is no Cubs team card in Heritage...they did have a regular non-floating heads card in mean Topps isn't 100% accurate??


  1. Great job and you didn't have to airbrush him out of a minor league uni.

  2. I still love that 2008 Topps team set card.

  3. Nice job on Quade! Topps will probably steal it for the high numbers set in the fall. :-)

  4. heh heh - you used the words "Topps" and "accuracy" in the same sentence!

  5. Great card! I hope you don't mind, but I am going to steal it for the back of my 2011 card of Mike.