Friday, March 18, 2011

I Caved: The Autographs

There were five Cubs on the Topps 60 autograph checklist.

I'll start with the best one. The Topps 60 base card of Dawson has him with the Expos, but the autograph card has him as a Cub. It's a good-looking card with a classic signature. Yea, Hawk!

These two were also on the relics checklist, so they get a double dose of Topps 60.

The last two have autograph cards only, so I'll take a look at the trumped up statistic Topps put on their card. I really don't know why Topps considered these guys autograph-worthy.

Blake DeWitt, 2010 Putout Leaders by NL second baseman, finished fifth!

Randy Wells, 2009 NL ERA Leaders, finished 10th. Topps couldn't find anything from 2010, so they had to go back a season and the best they could do was a ten-spot for Randy Wells. Wells had a Peak Performance Autograph card last year, and there must have been a bunch of stickers left over. Why else would he have been included in the 2011 set?

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  1. Nice pick ups. Yankee autos are always expensive, so I have to pick them up one at a time or by trade.