Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two New Cubs Schedules

Two Cubs schedules recently arrived at Wrigley Wax World Headquarters. They become the bookends to my schedules collection which now runs from 1963 - 2011.

This becomes the oldest schedule in my collection. The 1963 season opened on April 9th and finished up on September 29. Over the six month season, the Cubs were scheduled to play on only seven Mondays. All the rest were off-days. How was that managed? There were 13 doubleheaders scheduled! And if you wanted to see the Cubs at Wrigley a box seat would set you back $3.00 (but only $2.00 for children 14 and under).

Here is the other addition, the 2011 Cubs schedule, direct from Wrigley Field. It features the Ron Santo memorial patch that the Cubs will be wearing this season. I emailed the team two weeks ago and received back several schedules and a hand-written note from the Cubs Ambassadors, saying they hoped that I would see the Cubs at Wrigley. I guess that means they are having trouble selling tickets.

The Cubs open the season on April 1, eight days later than in 1963. This season ends a day earlier than 1963. As far as Monday off-days, this year there are only five, unlike the 17 in 1963. The schedule also shows a total of ZERO doubleheaders. Finally, if you want to see a game at Wrigley, speak to a loan officer first. The Cubs have five different levels of game pricing. For the marquee games, that $3 box seat from 1963 will set you back $112. For you math lovers, that is an increase of 3633%. I wonder what the inflation rate has been since 1963? Probably not that high.

The teacher in me would let the inflation rate question go unanswered. I went here and found that the rate since April, 1963 is 622%. The Cubs are more than five times above that. That could be one reason why the Ambassadors hoped to see me at Wrigley this year, since maybe they are starting to price themselves out of the market.

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