Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Wrigley Wax Rarity...A Trade Post!

You don't see trade posts here too often. It's not that I'm against them, or that I'm anti-social, but because I've got such a narrow collection focus, I just don't have the opportunity to do much swapping.

In collecting Cubs, I typically buy just the Cubs players I want/need. And with the sets I collect, I buy the complete set. That leaves me with nothing leftover. No leftovers is great when you're at the dinner table, but lousy if you want to trade baseball cards.

When Topps 2011 came out, I decided to buy a several packs. I needed a pack for my wax collection; the rest were just for fun. I knew I would be buying a complete set, so just a few packs would be enough to satisfy my craving to rip.

Among the cards I got were a few of the Platinum Diamond Anniversary cards. I didn't have any special plans for them, and I new that Nachos Grande was trying to get the whole series, so I let him know that they were on their way south.

In return, I got a bunch of Cubbie blue.

This one of Ernie Banks came complete with the blue tape on the toploader. Nice touch....and a nice card of Mr. Cub.

These three are various Upper Deck products, and all new to my collection. I have a few other Spectrum cards, and completing that brand may be on the horizon.

The rest of the cards were an assortment of Masterpieces, Heritage, Goudey, Collectors Choice, and Topps. They'll find a home in WW Jr.'s growing collection.

We both thank you, Chris!

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