Tuesday, April 10, 2012

31 Year Old Stickers

Yesterday I had the 2012 stickers. Today I've got more stickers, but they are a bit older. Actually, they are 31 years old.

A while back I completed a trade with Kevin from St. Louis Cardinal Cards. Included in the stack he sent was a Bill Buckner sticker from 1982. The sticker piqued my interest and I have since picked up the all of the Cubs stickers from Topps' first run of stickers from 1981 - 1990. From time to time I'll post the stickers from a season. Today. it's the first set from 1981.

The complete set consisted of 262 stickers made for Topps by Panini. The first 32 stickers were of the stars of the day. Two Cubs, Bill Buckner (#17) and Bruce Sutter (#32) made this list.

The next 208 stickers were arranged by team. The Cubs were #151-158. The final 22 stickers were more stars.

I was collecting cards in 1981 but the stickers weren't on my radar at all. The only thing I was worried about in 1981 was getting the sets from the new companies, Fleer and Donruss. Too bad for me. Though the sticker design was very plain, it was nice to see a different picture than the one on the Topps card. And in 1981, it was nice to see a non-Shea photo...for the most part.

Here are the stickers on the left and the cards on the right. It looks a bit off because I made both pictures the same height, though in reality the stickers are only 2 9/16" tall compared to the 3 1/2" of the cards.

This is the only Cub that has a duplicate picture.

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