Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ryno in a Museum

This is a stuffed Rhino in a museum. It is not a sports collectible.

This is a charging Ryno in a Museum. It is a sports collectible, the newest card in my growing Sandberg collection, from Topps' new Museum set. The picture on the card is from Ryne's final season, 1997 (that is Jackie Robinson 50 year anniversary patch on his right sleeve). The 37-year-old hit .264 with 12 homer and 64 RBIs in 135 games. It was pretty obvious his skills were slipping; he made the right call to retire for good this time.

The 100 player Museum set is what Topps used to call Marquee, a high end product that I usually stay away from. Starlin Castro is the only other Cub in the set, and I'm not planning to get his card. I was able to buy the Sandberg for two bucks. Not bad considering that a pack of five cards of this goes for $50.00.

I'm happy with the base card. I'll leave the others to the high-rollers.

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