Monday, April 23, 2012

This Will Be One Very Ugly Season

All Cub fans knew going into the 2012 season that is was not going to be a very good year.  In the back of our minds, though, was the thought that maybe Theo could pull off some sort of a miracle. After 16 games, which admittedly is just 10% of the season, I think its safe to say that there aren't any miracles coming our way.  Take the Cubs record and multiple it by ten and you get 40-120....that's '62 Met territory.

This team is bad, very bad; maybe historically bad.

Allow me to recap the badness...

Maron Byrd, an all star just two years ago, and the Opening Day centerfielder a couple weeks ago is now with the Red Sox.  His average with the Cubs was .070.  Yes, that's .070; he was   3 for 47.  I don't think anyone expected this.  

Catcher Geovany Soto, the 2008 rookie of the year, is hitting .150 and has thrown out only 2 of 15  runners attempting a steal.  Stick a fork in him; he's done.

Our $18 million man, Alfonso Soriano, is hitting .229 and has NO extra base hits.  All eleven of his hits are singles.  Last year he hit 10 home runs before May 1; this year it would be a miracle if he had 2.  

Kerry Wood and his 11.57 ERA are on the disabled list....what a shock!  I really do like Kerry Wood, but at this point, he's got nothing left.

Closer Carlos Marmol has one save, one loss, and a 5.06 ERA.

The #4 and #5 starters, Chris Volstad and Paul Maholm, are 1-4 with ERAs of 6.19 and 8.36.

Pretty nasty stuff, huh?

In the modern era, two teams from the 1960s tied for the fewest number of wins in team history with 59 (to go along with 103 losses).

The 1962 Cubs won 59 games in year two of the college of coaches.

Leo Durocher took over the Cubs for the 1966 season and proclaimed that "this was no eighth place ballclub (their 1965 finish).  He was right, as they finished in tenth place.  But Leo was changing the culture of the team and there were four eventual hall of famers on the roster.  In 1967 they jumped to third place.  

The 2012 team doesn't have any future hall of famers on it.


  1. Darwin Barney for the Hall of Fame!

  2. You keep forgetting Robin Roberts on that 1966 team! 5 HoFers. They used 49 players that year. I was able to get some great interviews in 2006 with some of them about how the team changed under Durocher.

  3. One of my good friends is a huge Cubs fan. I am a huge Mets fan. We constantly try and figure out which one is worse...This year should be a fun fun comparison.