Saturday, April 14, 2012

T206 Tinker Bat

I was able to pick up another relic card from the Cubs famous double play trio.

This bat card is from Topps 2002 T206 set. With it, I now have three relics from the three players. Unfortunately, two jersey cards are of the same player, Johnny Evers and I've got nothing for
first baseman Frank Chance. I'd much rather have one relic from each of the three.

It looks like that may never happen. No relic card for Chance has ever been made. And unless Topps wants to spend a boatload of money, one never will be made.

I found a couple auctions featuring a bat and jersey that belonged to Chance.

Six years ago this bat went for $12,597.

That was a pittance compared to the jersey, which sold for $62,213 in November, 2009.

I'm just going to have to settle on a little photoshopping if I want a relic from all three.


  1. It's Wrigley Wax's "Neighborhood of Make Believe". Looks real to me.

  2. Nice pickup, very sweet Tinker card!