Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Heritage Flashback Flashback

OK....one more Heritage post....indulge me please!

Today we'll do a flashback with the Heritage Flashback insert set. Flashback showed up in 2003 with Heritage's third release. It replaced the Classic Rendition set. For the most part its been a ten card set. The exceptions were in 2008 and 2009 (10 from 1959/1960 and 10 more in the update set from 2008/2009).

Over the ten years of Flashback, a Cub has been on the checklist five times. Despite five listings, only two players have made the list, Ernie Banks and Kosuke Fukudome.

Ernie was a superstar in the late '50s and early '60s, so its no surprise that he showed up so often.

His first card was 2005. He had both a regular card and a seat relic card.

He was doubled up again in 2006.

After missing the cut in 2007, he showed up twice again in 2008...Let's Make Two!....and

in 2009. Just explain to me why a relic card with a seat from Crosley Field in Cincinnati has a picture of Ernie in Philadelphia?

In 2010, Ernie wasn't in the base Flashback set but did get a relic. That's a Wrigley Field relic with the same Connie Mack Stadium picture used in 2009.

Ernie got the double treatment this year.

This is my newest Heritage card. It's got a seat relic from Crosley Field in Cincinnati. Topps had to stretch a bit to match up a Crosley relic and Ernie Banks. I'd guess they went through the box scores from the nine games the Cubs played in Cincinnati and found the best game. They came up with July 12, 1963. Ernie had two hits (including a homer) against the Reds ace Jim O'Toole to lead the Cubs to a 4-1 win.

Here is the only non-Ernie Cub flashback, Kosuke Fukudome. The card flashes back to Opening Day, 2008, his first game with the Cubs. He had three hits including a ninth inning, game tying home run. The card fails to mention that the Cubs lost the game in extra innings.

As Heritage moves through the '60s, Ernie's flashbackable (is that a word?) moments dwindled. Maybe we'll get another Cub on the checklist in a few years, a Billy Williams or Ron Santo card.

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