Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Barney Boo Boo Bonus...Now With the Post...Thanks A Lot, Blogger

The blogger scheduler is still messed up and the original post for today didn't go up on time.  I quickly posted it before church and the post was blank!  Blogger, you're killing me!  So here I am after church and Bible class, rewriting the story.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Barney error card seller sent me eleven extra cards for the trouble his mistake caused.  Here's what he sent

That's eleven Golden Giveaway code cards, unused code cards.  These things can get around $2 each on Ebay, so it's like he sent me another $22, which would cut the price of my Barney card down to only $38.....if I would sell the codes.

I had a decision to make, sell the cards or go ahead and redeem them myself.  It took me two seconds to redeem the cards.  I figured I was already ahead with the discounted price the seller gave me on the Barney card.  Having the code cards was like playing with house money.  I was going to roll the dice.

And I did very well!

My eleven cards netted me...
3 Team Coins
3 Player Coins
6 Hall of Fame Coins
2 Die Cut cards...I'll have more about them a little later.
for a total of 14 items!

I ended up with extras because of the bonus you get when you reach three coins in a category.  Even better, by reaching 6 HOF coins, I got a $10 certificate to use at shoptopps.  

The best for me was winning two die cut cards.  The odds are 15:1, so it should have taken 30 codes to get two cards.  I got two with only 11 codes.  I was on a roll.  There are 100 die cut cards, and two of the 100 are Cubs.  Do you think I was able to get a Cub?




You bet!  Not only a Cub, but Ryno!  He was the first card I unlocked.  And what are the odds I pulled the other Cub too?  Could it be???






Nope, I got a Cardinal instead...but not for long.  I quickly put the Wizard of Oz up for trade to get the other Cub, and within an hour...

....Starlin Castro was mine!  I was on quite a roll. I'm not planning on getting any more codes, so I went ahead and requested delivery on the cards.  I hope to have them in had within another week or two.

Now let's total things up.  I rolled the dice with the $22 the codes were worth and ended up with a $10 certificate and two die cut cards that are selling for around $10 each--that's $30 total.  Not too shabby!

So when all was said and done, a card I originally paid $77 was mine for $60 along another $30 worth of stuff.

I left the seller positive feedback!


  1. Sometimes bad is good. Or something.

  2. Pssshh ... I've redeemed 11 codes on the golden giveaway and all I've got is 11 coins.

    I hate that thing.

  3. That is awesome! Congrats!