Monday, April 9, 2012

Brand New Stickers

The 2012 sticker set was recently released to very little fanfare. I guess people don't bust cases of this like they do with Heritage or Ginter. This is the second straight year (after 20 years off) that Topps released a 309 sticker set. Each team gets nine players and there is also a team logo sticker.

All of the Cubs are players from last season; none are the new guys photoshopped into a Cubs uniform. In fact, I believe Topps did very little photoshopping with this set. My guess is that the stickers have a longer lead time than a cardboard product. Last year's set came out later in the season and included some spring training shots of new guys.

The design is reminiscent of the flagship brand's 2012 look, though not a copy. The pictures are decent looking too. I've grown to like the look of the stickers the past couple years.


  1. No foil... just a nice clean logo and font.

  2. I love this year's design. Better than last year. Heck, better than the 2012 flagship design.

  3. I want a stickers that who holds a batt and swings like homerun.

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