Friday, September 7, 2012

Chrome Die Cut Castro

Since there were only three Cubs in the Chrome base set, I didn't have to spend too much for the team set.  That left me with a little extra cash to spend on Chrome.  I didn't have any interest in any of the base set parallels.  Instead, I went for a die cut.

The Dynamic Die Cut insert set features a 50 player checklist.  One Cub made the list, Starlin Castro (who now seems to make every checklist).  The cards a seeded one every 24 packs.  That's not the greatest odds, but not the worst either.  Most can be picked up for a couple bucks, which is about what I paid for mine.

Topps did a nice job with these.  I like the shiny refractors, I like the blue they used, and the cutouts are sharp, too.   I just wish more Cubs were on the checklist.

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