Monday, September 24, 2012

My Wrigley Field Top Ten Moments

On Saturday I had a post on the cards the Cubs issued in 1999 for the Top Ten Moments at Wrigley Field.

My original guess list had two errors.  The two games the Cubs put on the list that I didn't were the 1984 Sandberg game and Sammy's #61 and 62 in 1998.  The Sandberg game I could agree with.  It was a huge performance broadcast to a national audience.  Two homers off of Bruce Sutter, both tying the game...that's big.  Sammy's homers, though, I wouldn't put as a top moment.  Neither homer gave the Cubs the lead and he still was behind McGwire for the league lead.  But since the cards came out just one season later, Sammy-mania was still rampant.

I made cards for the two events that I picked instead of the two above.

....June 29, 1969.  This was Billy Williams Day.  On this day the Cubs played the Cardinals in a double-header.  With game one, Billy tied the NL mark for consecutive games played and he set the record in game two.  For the day, he went 5 for 9 with three RBIs as the Cubs swept the Redbirds.  I also included this card because I felt the 1969 season needed some sort of representation.

....September 8, 1985.  I debated about this one since it features the accomplishment of a Cubs opponent.  But I went ahead with it since the cards were to show the top ten Wrigley Field moments, not the top ten Cubs moments at Wrigley Field.  I also have a soft spot for this game since I was at Wrigley Field that day.  Seems to me that tying one of baseball's most important records should be a top ten moment.  Plus, it turns out that the Cubs did include an opponent's moment in the set: Babe Ruth's called shot.  And Rose's hit did actually happen, I saw it with my own two eyes; the Babe's calling a homer...debatable.

So here are the Wrigley Wax Wrigley Field Top Ten Moments





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