Friday, September 14, 2012

Doubled Digits

I had one of those, "That's interesting" moments while paging through the Fleer binder.



We've got your double numbers...11...22...33...44.

A sidenote:  The Steve Henderson picture has to  be from spring training, 1981.  The Cubs acquired Henderson from the Mets (for Dave Kingman) in late February, 1981.  Henderson must have worn #33 for at least part of the spring, but when the season began, he was wearing #28, which he used during his two year run with the Cubs.  He never wore #33 as a Cub in an official game.

And why the switch?  My guess is that he wanted #28, but it was already taken by...

...the newly acquired Leon Durham.   But Durham switched to the #10 that Kingman wore, making #28 available to Henderson.

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