Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ernie, Much Better Looking

After a couple ugly, old man Ernie cards on Sunday, I'm happy to go back to

a much nicer looking card of Ernie.  This looks to be from Ernie's stint as a coach, and based on the uniform he's got on (a pullover), this has to be 1973.  I was 11 years old during the 1973 season and this is exactly how I remember Mr. Cub.

I featured this card about two weeks ago, a card from Baseball Card News' 1982 set.  But this isn't the same card.  There are two different backs with these.

Here's what the back of this card looks like.  Unlike the story of baseball cards that was written on the other card, this is the subscription card.  You can see that they were giving the complete set to anyone who subscribe to the magazine.  Looks like the one year subscription was the best deal; a buck an issue plus two card sets.

What I don't know is how these cards were distributed.  The fine print on the bottom says "These cards are not for sale."  Were they included in the magazine?  Given away at hobby shops?  card show?  Anyone know?

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