Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 Heritage Minor League Cubs

I have seen very little written about the 2012 release of Heritage Minor League. There haven't been many listings on Ebay, either. I wonder why Topps even bothers? Is this a set that they are contractually obligated to put out?

There are 225 cards in the set, including 25 of the dreaded shortprints. Dividing 225 cards among 30 teams equally would mean seven or eight cards per team. The Cubs netted four players. That doesn't say much about what the Cubs have in the pipeline. What really stunk was that two of the four Cubs were among the 25 SPs. Thanks alot short the Cubs on the checklist but load them in the SPs.

The cards follow the basic '63 design, with one exception. The small circle contains a team logo instead of another picture of the player. I have no idea why they did that; it makes no sense. Plus, the team logos are too small for the circle. There's too much white showing.

The card on the left is the Topps design; on the right I've enlarged the logo. Better?
Here are the other three future Cubs in the set.



  1. I agree about the logos. Way to small for my liking. How hard would have been to fill the space? Sheesh.

    The pipeline isn't completely barren, it's just bottlenecking in rookie ball, low A, and high A. Hopefully that'll mean eight or nine cards in the 2013 and/or 2014 card set that features players in AA or AAA.

  2. I actually like the extra white space. The larger logo looks cramped.

    There were logos with the manager cards in '63. I prefer those over the regular cards in the set, because those cards are all full color, rather than mixing black-and-white, which I always found irksome with the '63s.

    1. I didn't know about the logos on the '63 manager cards...the Cubs didn't have a manager in '63. It looks like the circles on those were smaller than on the regular '63s and on the 2012 cards. The empty space was colored, too, not white.

  3. Here we are in 2016, and both Baez and Szczur homered for the Cubs in the past couple of days. Two out of four; not bad, Hendry.