Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tile Tuesday: Scorecards

Last week on Monday I showed the Cubs scorecard from this season.  I also lamented the fact that the cover was plain and boring.  With today's tile you'll be able to see exactly what I was talking about.

I've got a collection of Cubs scorecards from 1958 to 2012.  The format of the card is exactly the same throughout the entire run.  The card is always four pages.  Page one is the cover, page two has the score sheet, page three has ballpark or player information, and page four is an ad.  The size and the cardstock also seems the same today as it was 44 years ago.

You will also be able to tell when the team was sold by the Wrigley family to the Tribune...that would be the first time you see an ad on the cover.  In fact, the first 13 cover under Tribune ownership were similar in design and pretty boring.  It took until the 1995 season that the Trib started varying the cover from year to year.  They started getting creative, but nothing that matched the style of the Otis Shepard and Shepard-inspired designs that occupy the top four rows of the tile.  Those are unique works of art.

Anyone else have a scorecard collection to go with their baseball cards?


  1. I love the artwork on the pre-82 scorecards. I wished I'd saved mine.

  2. I have multiples of the Sandberg ones that I've picked up at card shows over the years and a few others but not enough so that I would consider it a collection.

    And only one is from a game I actually attended, which is the 1993 scorecard with the ivy and prominent 368 desgination.

  3. I'm not sire the Red Sox make scorecards, other than the middle sheets of the magazine. But, I have scorecards from the Expos and Phillies that I got when I went to those parks.

  4. My oldest is the 1969. Love the ones before that. They're on my wish list. Are you still working your way back? More great ones before 1958.

    1. I'm not actively chasing the older ones, but if I happen to see one go up as an auction, I may try to get it for a bargain price.