Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Last Cub Relic??

One of the goals I set for myself back in January was to add more relics to my collection.  I'd like at least one for as many different Cubs as possible.  But that has lead to a couple problems.

First, that means I'm getting cards, like this one, of some Cubs I'd rather forget.   When the Cubs signed Todd Hundley in 2001 it seemed like a smart move.  The Cubs were weak at catcher, he had been putting up good numbers, and he was Randy Hundley's son.  It was win, win, win.  No it wasn't!  Hundley hit an anemic .187 in 2001 and followed that up with a .211 average the next season.  He was a real bust and somehow Jim Hendry managed to get the Dodgers to take him away.

Back to the relic cards....The second problem would have to be their questionable authenticity.  The recent news that an Upper Deck buyer wasn't too concerned about the authenticity of game-worn Derek Jeter jerseys cast doubt on relics in general.

The Hundley card's got an assurance on the back from UD CEO Richard McWilliams that it's authentic.  That would be the same McWilliams that backdoored cards, didn't pay players, and has been implicated or sued for other shaddy dealings.

At this point, I've got relics from the following 41 Cubs.  I'm not sure how many more names will be added to the list:
Moises Alou
Erinie Banks
Darwin Barney
Bill Buckner
Marlon Byrd
Starlin Castro
Tyler Colvin
Andre Dawson
Ryan Dempster
Blake DeWitt
Mike Fontenot
Kosuke Fukudome
Matt Garza
Mark Grace
Rich Harden
Todd Hundley
Fergie Jenkins
Dave Kingman
Derrek Lee
Ted Lilly
Greg Maddux
Gary Matthews
Carlos Marmol
Fred McGriff
Rick Monday
Corey Patterson
Carlos Pena
Mark Prior
Aramis Ramirez
Jeff Samardzija
Ryne Sandberg
Ron Santo
Hank Sauer
Alfonso Soriano
Sammy Sosa
Geovany Soto
Bruce Sutter
Ryan Theriot
Randy Wells
Billy Williams
Kerry Wood
Carlos Zambrano


  1. No Dar-Bar yet? I picked up a 2011 Topps Finest double jersey + auto for just a few bucks a couple weeks/months ago. Even if the jersey is suspect, the auto looks good.

    1. No...just a brain cramp on my part. I've got several of his relics...some even have dirt on them!

  2. Honestly, the whole relic angle has gotten old and at the same time very suspect anyway. Personally, I'd take the money spent on all the "game used" cards and buy an entire game worn Cubs jersey. Sure, it may not be of the caliber of a Kerry Wood for the same money, but it would be intact, wearable and come with an MLB hologram of authenticity.

    Some of the historical artifacts that have been lost to this trend, Babe Ruth bats, Lou Gehrig jerseys, etc. are downright sickening. I'd rather 100,000 people get to look at an Ernie Banks jersey in a museum than 200 people get to own a scrap of what was once a historical item that has been reduced to a "collectible". This is clearly a case of the sum is greater than it's parts.