Sunday, September 2, 2012

Signing For the Fans

Isn't Rey Sanchez a nice guy.  He's signing for the fans.

The card is from Topps, 1994.  It looks like this was taken in Mesa during spring training, 1993 (he's wearing a home uniform, but Wrigley Field doesn't have a fence above the dugout.

And what is Rey signing?

His card from Topps 1993.

If you want the exact same card, signed by Rey, there's one on Ebay right now.

It will cost you $12.  Its been sitting there since December, and its probably going to be there for a while longer, too.  I'll wait for the price to come down.  A few weeks ago I paid ten bucks for an autographed Billy Williams card.  I don't think I'll pay two bucks more for Rey Sanchez.


  1. Sheesh, $14.50 when you consider S&H. That seems pretty steep for a former Cub that did no more than carve our a small niche of a playing career in MLB.

    I liked Sanchez, but for my $14.50, I'd better be getting a Cub HOFer or a signed Rizzo card. No offense, Rey!

  2. Just in case someone wanders on here and thinks that's a good deal:

    You can get this card on Sportlots for 18 cents.

    1. But the Sportlots card wouldn't have his most valuable autograph on it!

    2. Oh, yeah, the autograph ... whatever.